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 This is the site which we will use to study and learn about William Shakespeare: his life, the place where he lived, his works and the period he lived in. You will be asked to work in groups and fulfill some tasks: some will be activities where you will have to use all your creativity , others will be kind of games and treasure hunts. Hopefully you'll learn a lot and appreciate the Bard.




W. Shakespeare
Shakespeare's life
Elizabethan England
Famous Elizabethans
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Work in groups. Here is the task for each group.

Group A. Prepare a presentation of Stratford-upon-Avon. Mention
1. where it is
2. how you can get there
3. types of accomodation you can find there
4. interesting facts about the area.

Group B. Prepare an itinerary for a tourist who is interested in William
Shakespeare's life. Mention and describe all the places related to his
life which can be visited in the town.

Group C. Prepare a walking tour of the town. Name the most important streets
and say what can be seen in each.

You are free to choose the format you prefer for your presentations.
After finishing your job, write a comment and try to find the answers in the forum about Stratford.

(20 pts)




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Have a look at the Bard's family tree. Click on the links on your left in order to find out more about all these people, then write a description of the Bard's family. Remember I'm a really curious kind of woman and want to know everything about them!!! Good luck! 

 (20 pts)



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Work in groups again. Find out what happened in all the dates which are mentioned in the timeline. Be ready to illustrate every event.

(10 pts)




Did you know that many scholars think that William Shakespeare never existed, or at least that all his works were not written by a William Shakespeare from Stratford? Let's try to understand

a. what makes them think so

b. who might have written the sonnets, the poems and all the famous plays (find out at 

   least three possible candidates and get ready to give information and motivate 

   the theory. 20 pts) 

Discuss your ideas in the forum





Now you are asked to work in groups again and prepare a presentation. 

I think it is important to know what the period we are studying was like so get ready to look for information about  Elizabethan England. (20 pts)



Read  the task for each group carefully



Group A.  search the net and find information about the following famous Elizabethans

Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, Francis Walsingham, John Dee, Christopher Marlowe. There's something mysterious about some of them. Let's find out more 



Group B.  search the net and find information about London at the end of the 16th century.


a. number of inhabitants

b. activities and jobs

c. if it was safe



Groups C   search the net and find information about entertainment in Elizabethan England.

Mention and describe

a. at least three sports

b. an event which we wouldn't now consider "entertainment"



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While watching  the video below try to understand:


 1.  the name of the poet who first introduced the sonnet to England

 2.  how many sonnets William Shakespeare wrote

 3.  the name of the poet who wrote Astrophel and Stella

 4.  read the poem " Loving in trueth..." and consider the language. Is it different

    from  today's English? Write down as many examples as you can

 5.  what is the poem  about?

 6.  were Shakespeare's sonnets written in 1609?

 7.  is their content original or similar to what had been witten before?

 8.  what themes can be found in the sonnets?

 9.  what person did Shakespeare introduce in his sonnets?

10. how is the woman known and what is she like?

11. what is Shakespeare doing in the sonnet "My Mistress's Eyes"?

12. who, in Shakespeare's sonnets, represents ideal beauty?

13. who is sonnet 18 dedicated to?

14. consider sonnet 18. What/who do you think "the eye of heaven" stands for?

15. is the person described in the sonnet as beautiful as a summer day? 






 drama Minimize

Now you are ready to learn something more about drama and its origins in Great Britain. Below you will find a presentation which I hope will be helpful. Some slides are taken from here. From the same link you can also visit the Globe and see what it looked like at Shakespere's time.





View more presentations from school


 Romeo and Juliet Minimize


Look at the following Wordle (created using about Romeo and Juliet and in the forum write down what you already know or think it is about. Use as many of the words you see as possible. 

After doing this, let's move to The Romeo and Juliet Page


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