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Summer Fun!!!  Summer Fun!!! Minimize
Wow, our school year is over but we have still a lot of activities we can do together!
Check the new group I have created on Edmodo and get ready to collaborate and share with your mates during the summer.

Here are some links to language games you might like:

If you like learning with songs, you can try these:

and of course our favourite

When you find a game you like, please share it on our Edmodo group and explain why you like using at least three adjectives.

Looking forward to reading your posts

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(adapted from Young People and Television 



You are ONE of these people. Read carefully and then do the activities below

You are a fourteen-year-old teenager. You love sport and all films. You hate

documentaries and news programmes. You don’t mind comedy programmes.

You don’t like soap operas unless they are about young people.

You are a fifteen-year-old teenager. You like action films and sport


You don’t mind factual programmes like the News or documentaries but you

hate soap operas and romantic films. You like films that are violent. You think

they are exciting.

Now, read the TV guide at , find out more about the programmes and decide which ones are good for you. Choose at least four programmes and motivate your choice on our blog.




Click on this link  and listen to The Flatmates' episodes 1-4. Then read the Language Points and do the quizzes.


 Easter Minimize

In the UK, schools close for two weeks at Easter time. Read on to find out more about how Easter is celebrated in Britain.

Then write a text on your blog where you highlight the differences about how Easter is celebrated in the UK and in your country.

Click here to find out more

 My daily routine Minimize

Watch the video below and do the activities.

Listen to Kim.

What time does she wake up? What does she do before having a shower? What time does she go to work? What time does she start teaching?

Now, what are the questions?

.......? At about 90'clock

.......? She watches TV


What about Sam? What time does he wake up? What does he do in the morning? what does he do when he gets to work?

........? At 2o'clock

........? He teaches

........? At about 1o'clock

And finally Clare

.........? It starts at 7o'clock

.........? At 8o'clock

.........? We walk there

Now write what is the best part of the day for them and explain why. Then describe their dream day.

Finally write what is the best part of the day for you, explain why and describe your dream day. You can write it on your copybook or post it on People

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 Activity 23 October 3AI Minimize

Today you are invited to finish the activities about the song. Then you can find the lyrics of a song you like and you can prepare some activities to make us appreciate it


You may find this video useful


 Activities 9 May Minimize

Please click here. Do the activities you'll find on the file, save the file and upload it on PEOPLE

 Activities 2 May Minimize

Visit our blog and follow the instructions

 Listening activities Minimize

Please click on the link "listening activities" on the left. Choose a situation, do the activities and get ready to tell about what happens in it to the rest of the class.

 At school Minimize

Watch the following and then do the activities below



Answer the questions, then use your answers to write a short passage that describes what happens in this very short video. Write it on your copybook.

What is the teacher doing?

What is the student doing?

Why does the student does such a thing?

Why do students do such  things?

Have you ever done anything like this in your classroom? Why/why not?

What is the teacher's reaction?

What do you think the teacher is going to do now?

What do you think the student is going to do now?

Have a look at the classroom: to what extent is it similar to or different from yours?

Is Chuck Norris popular? Why/why not?

Is this scene taken from a movie you know? If it is, write down what you know about the movie

 Describing photos Minimize

Click on the following link   choose some photos and describe them. Prepare a presentation to show your mates. You can click here too.

Upload it on People



Hi and welcome to high school!!! 


We will work together and will learn a lot of English! We will also meet friends from other countries and will share our work with them.

This page has been created for you: here you can find links to activities and sites of interest and also  documents which may be helpful for you, both at school and at home.

After nine months of hard work, you will be able to use English in a variety of situations and I'll do my best to make it as easy and pleasant as possible.


Wish you a very profitable school year!!!


 The Social Network Minimize


You watched The Social Network. Let's talk about it.

Click here to find out the name of : the director, the screenwriter, the authors of the music.

The screenwriter has also played a part in the movie. Find out more on the official site clicking on “enter the site” and then hovering your mouse over “behind the scenes”.

Find out an interesting fact about the twins in “behind the scenes” and get ready to tell your mates about it. Can you find any more interesting or amusing facts? Take notes about them.


Read Mark Zuckerberg's interview and try to understand why he says the film is fiction and what the real story is like for him.

What did you like most in the film?


Have a look at this site now and explore Cinderella's wall

After watching the video below, answer the following questions on our blog. What do you think of Facebook, can it be dangerous? Annoying? Fun? Or what? What do you think of Mark? Is he a genius or a thief?


 Let's write Minimize

Today I would like you to write about what you did during your looong weekend. Click here so that you can find some suggestions about how to organize your story. You can also have a look at some helpful examples. When ready, create a word document and write down about your last weekend. When you've finished, copy and paste what you have written on our blog

 At Madame Tussauds Minimize


Let's visit Madame Tussauds today :)


Have a look at the site       Madame Tussauds


Click on GETTING HERE and find out the following information


1. Madame Tussauds is in London, but where exactly? Find out its address.

2. How can you get there?

3. How far is it from Bakerloo Road Station?

4. How many train stations are near it?


Now click on BUY TICKETS and then on TICKET OPTIONS and answer the following


1. How does a child pay for an on day ticket?

2. Can you buy tickets online?

3. How many days are Flexi Tickets valid?

4. Is it possible to visit the museum in a group? If yes, how many people are there in a group?


Now, click on HOME and then on OPENING TIMES and answer the following


1. Can you visit the museum on New Year's Day?

2. When is Boxing Day?

3. When does the museum generally open?

4. What time does it generally close?

5. If you are in London in August, can you visit the museum at 7.30 p.m.?


Go back to HOME and click on OUR FIGURES and have a look at how many people you can meet there!!! If you click on one of them,. You can read some information about them and also see some pictures that visitors have taken.


Now you are ready to write a short composition. Imagine you're in London and you want to go to visit Madame Tussauds. Plan your visit from the beginning.




what day it is          how you are going there           who is with you

how much the ticket is           what figures you see

describe them         write your impressions about the visit and the museum.


Create a file and upload it on edmodo as an assignment.














 Let's talk about Television! Minimize

Here is what you are expected to do today!        


First click here and do the activities you'll find on the worksheet (from


After completing the activities, visit our blog and write a comment as a reply to the post about TV you'll find there.

 Let's write a Ghost Story!!! Minimize




After reading about old legends and ghosts, now you're ready to write your own ghost story! Here you can find some tips which you might find helpful.

An important aspect of a ghost story is atmosphere: you must create suspense and a sense of expectation!

The way you begin a story is very very important. Start your story like this

I’ll always remember the day I ….                    

Then write notes on the subjects below before you begin.

Main character: Who is the most important person in your story?

Other characters: Who else appears in the story?

Setting: Where and when does the story take place?

Plot: What happens in the story?

Ending: What happens to the main character?

Here is some useful language

Starting a story: It was a …. day/ night…., One day…. A few years ago...

Developing a story: ….when…. The next day …. Suddenly …  Another strange thing was ….


When you're  ready, go to our magazine News from Europe and write your story! We are looking forward to reading it!









 MOre about JAMIE OLIVER Minimize

Here you can find the activity you are expected to do  today -

After completing the webquest, please write a comment about your lifestyle on our blog 


Want to know more? Click here 

 London Minimize

 Welcome to Winchester Minimize

Here is your activity for today, 3 Nov. 2011


First read the passage Welcome to Winchester (page 108 of your textbook)

Then you can watch the video below which shows the town


If interested, you can look for more information about the city.


Welcome to Winchester

 The City of Winchester



Finally visit our blog and comment the post about Winchester



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Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

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