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Listen to Matthew Pearl talking about Charles Dickens



and here too
- Host Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina is joined by author Matthew Pearl Matthew Pearl to discuss his new book, "The Last Dickens." © Copyright 2010, WAMC


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Prepare a class discussion using the questions you'll find in the document below.

 (the entire lesson plan is to be found on Kieran Donaghy' blog

Then use the links to the newspapers in the post below and see if you find some examples of fair play in today's news Sport and Values Discussion Questions

 Italy cruise ship disaster Minimize

In order to listen to what you read, please use Google Chrome as a browser, go to the Google Store and add the app called SpeakIt. Done it? Ok, now you can go on.

Let's learn more about what happened to the cruise ship. Click on the following links

The Telegraph

The Guardian

BBC Students

The Times


Cruise Ship Capsizes


Now answer the following questions and get ready for a class discussion

WHERE did a cruise ship run aground?

WHEN did it happen?

HOW many people were on the ship when it ran aground?
HOW many are confirmed dead?
HOW many are still missing?

WHAT is the name of the ship?
WHAT caused the ship to capsize?

WHY were the rescue efforts suspended indefinitely on Monday?

WHO was the captain of the ship at the time of its running aground?
WHO was the skipper?

Who is Mr. Foschi?



Today's  activity. The Industrial Revolution Webquest.



Please click on the following link     and answer at least four of the questions you'll find there. Prepare a document or a presentation and get ready to illustrate it during our next class.


  By now you know quite a lot about English literature ... hopefully 


This year you will learn a lot more ...

Let's start with a webquest about the rise of the novel

We will start with some poetry and will try to answer the question: what did Nature mean to the Romantics?

We will then learn about education in the Victorian Age through the works of C. Dickens and will compare it with some more modern visions of education: ever heard of Another Brick in the Wall  by Pink Floyd?

Finally we will consider the Theme of the Double in R.L.Stevenson's  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  and O. Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray

On this page you will find the links to the activities which will guide you towards this wonderful world so rich in characters, stories and emotions.

 William Blake Minimize

Here is a presentation about William Blake. If then you want to know some amazing facts about his life, just click here





William Blake

See more presentations by ale7 | Upload your own PowerPoint presentations


You can now listen to Mr. Stacy's short lecture about The Tyger



 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Minimize

Let's start now talking about Dr. Frankenstein and his Creation.


Why not have a look at a wonderful job some students did some time ago? Click here and see ... Well done, indeed, don't you think?

Want to know more? I think you might find this Glencoe Study Guide quite useful.


And now some revision work,

 William Wordsworth Minimize

 Victorian Age Minimize


Use the following sites to find out the information below:


what period in history the Victorian Age refers to.

what being a gentleman meant



how many people lived in London in the Victorian period

what sanitation was like in Victorian London

what kinds of job poor people had to do

the importance of the Great Exhibition


dates and importance of the Reform Acts


Learn something more about the Victorian Age through this video




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